What equipment do I use?

It can be daunting when first approaching voiceovers and setting up your home studio as there are so many different types of equipment and it’s difficult to know not just what brand to use but what you actually need. In the below, I will tell you what equipment I use, cheaper alternatives and where to find it.

Essentially all you need is a quiet space that has no echo, a microphone and a computer with some editing software. Before I purchased all my equipment I used an old USB mic I had, Audacity (free editing software) and would pull a duvet over my head and there you have it, your own home studio. Of course, this is good for smaller perhaps unpaid jobs, to gain experience and build your portfolio.

If you are going to invest your money in anything when it comes to setting up your own voiceover business I would have to suggest that you put your money into your voice reel as this is what people will hear first. Don’t try and edit your own one together as it is unlikely to sound professional. I used www.voice-reel.com, who not only is fantastic at putting reels together, but also offers a 4 week kickstarter course….for free!

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor’s Adventures Audiobook

Just in time for the new Doctor to grace our screens, you can find the two part finale of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor’s Adventures on Soundcloud or on my Youtube channel where I play La Lune.

This was an interesting adventure for me to embark on as I absolutely love Doctor Who and grew up on the remakes. However, the character I play is based on an existing character from the original series. This brings a decision to make for the voiceover artist; you go in blind knowing nothing about it or you watch the episodes and base your character on the existing one. I chose to go with the first option – go in blind. This allows me to develop my own character and make my own decisions which I find creates a more rounded character.

How I got started with Voiceovers

I have always been told that I have a “good voice for voiceovers” but truthfully, if you have a voice and you can read anyone has a “good voice for voiceovers”. I used to do accents for my parents when I was younger, when I worked in bars I would experiment with different characters and when I was at drama school I found my love for voiceovers.

Whilst at Drama School we did a two week module on everything to do with Voiceovers and the different areas there are. We learnt about equipment (blog post about equipment here) and how to set up a home studio.